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Hand Sanitizer- DIY Don’t

One of the “essentials” during this time is hand sanitizer. Shelves across the country were wiped clean within a matter of days, maybe hours and still haven’t been restocked yet. The panic kicked in and DIY recipes have exploded all over my Facebook feed, news stories and any other social media outlet. Soap makers across the country started busting out their new product! Any guesses? They too, are selling out before they can post pictures on their social media. Why didn’t we jump on the hand sanitizer wagon and make some sales during this difficult financial time for our business? Two simple reasons: it’s illegal and unethical.

Plain and simple, hand sanitizer is classified as a drug in the United States. The ingredients for it seem simple. In fact, every soap maker probably has everything they need to make it. It is more complicated than that. Hand sanitizers have certain properties needed to work. The most important being, it must be able to stay on your skin and contact the germs for a certain amount of time in order to kill it. Remember, this isn’t a product making claims that your skin will be softer or will make you smell good. It is a product making claims that it kills bacteria and viruses. Simply having alcohol as the main ingredient, doesn’t mean it will be effective.

This brings me to the second reason and most important. It is unethical! Yes, the first reason should be enough to stop anyone from making and selling a drug without FDA approval. We started this business to make safe, natural products. People are buying these products with the intent to use as a replacement for washing their hands. They believe they are protecting themselves. How could we sell a product making claims we cannot prove? Simple- We cannot!

Trust me, it is tempting! When all the stores that carry our products are closed and we are trying to figure out if we can pay our expenses for the next few months. I see my neighbor soap makers selling out of their hand sanitizer within hours of posting on social media and see all the ingredients to make it sitting on my shelf. We are going to hang in there. We are going to ask you to do the same. FDA approved hand sanitizer will be replenished. Hang in there! If you are practicing shelter in place, skip the sanitizer and wash your hands. It is more effective anyway.

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