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Who are we and why we started

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

First of all, I am not a writer! I want to apologize in advance for all of my grammar errors that you will read through this and hopefully more blogs to come.

So, who are we? Leann is my older sister and the oldest sibling in our family. There are five of us altogether. She is also my business partner and my best friend. Ever since I can remember, she has wanted to own her own store. But, life happened, she went to nursing school, got married, had kids, got divorced and works a lot (like most single mamas).

Then there is me..I have always loved making stuff. I used to sit in our bathroom and mix different lotions and bath products together to make my own products. I didn't realize how much I loved doing that until I was in pharmacy school and we were able to make our own compounds. It was one of the best parts about pharmacy school. But, in the real world of pharmacy most prescriptions are already manufactured, so compounding is rare. About five years ago, I was introduced to essential oils. That was when my love for making products surfaced again. I will save all the details about that for a later date.

Fast forward to earlier this year. Leann was at a crossroad at her job. She was at that point that she was ready for more, something different. But what? That was the problem, she didn't know. I wasn't working anymore at this point. I quit several years earlier to be a stay at home mom. Part of me was ready to get back into the pharmacy world, but just a small part of me. During one of our daily phone conversations (yes, we call each other daily!), I said she should just open her own business. She started talking about what kind of store she wanted and what she wanted to sell and make. It was perfect and we realized we could find a way to make both of our dreams come alive.

And that was the beginning...

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